Search beyond your audio library. Discover keys, BPMs and energy scores using Spotify's data.


Introducing Music Analyzer

Explore the hidden data behind Spotify's vast library of over 100 million tracks. While accessing this data through their API can be difficult, Music Analyzer simplifies it. ✌


Browse effortlessly

Easily view the keys (in flat, sharp, or Camelot notation 🎉), BPMs, and energy scores of your Spotify playlists and searches. Audition 30-second previews quickly by hovering your mouse* and scrub using your arrow keys.

* previews may not always be available due to licensing restrictions.


Speed Up Playlist Creation

Just input a list of songs, and let the app do the rest. Playlist Creator searches each track individually, crafting playlists so you don't have to manually add each song. 💨


Super Users to the Rescue

While Spotify's data is approximately 80% accurate, occasional errors do occur. Super Users step in to correct discrepancies in keys and BPMs. 🦸

Have a look inside! 👀

This app retains only your Spotify user ID for app preferences and does not store any other Spotify data. You can delete these preferences at any time.
Music Analyzer is not affiliated with or endorsed by Spotify.
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